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Reformed Foundation has been operating as a community Interest Company for over two years. We take pride in the fact that we are one of the leading services in rehabilitation for ex offenders and anti gang mentorship.

In 2015 Reformed Foundation was contacted by HMP Belmarsh to create and facilitate strategies to tackle their rising gang feuds between the inmates. Together with the prison staff and a choice of eight ‘high profile’ specially selected inmates, we decided to develop a mentorship and mediation program.

HMP Belmarsh and Reformed Foundation joined forces to implement the initiative, leading it to the name of One Postcode, derived from the inmates themselves. Gang associated members in the prison were approached to oppose postcode rivalry and engage in the one postcode concept. The program is very successful and is continuing to expand. One postcode mentoring, challenges gang involvement and promotes peace and unity between gang members or anyone who does not want to be part of a gang or associated with one.

The successes of the project swayed it into the direction of a ‘movement’ with the adaptability to suit any prison. However, there was an underlying issue that impacted directly on the one postcode concept. This was identified as a need within the community. Reformed Foundation recognised the gap and impacts of gang culture in the communities which evidently impacts the gang culture within the prison.

With this need identified and standing as a potential barrier we decided to bring One Postcode into the community as a campaign brand against gangs. Taking part in this movement by supporting us and wearing our brand is a message of non involvement. It represents and sends out a message that “I am not part of a gang”.

We think there is a wealth of youth who want to be identified of having no gang involvement and are sick of the stigma attached to them by society of gang culture. The bigger the message generates more power to making a tangible change and breaking the cycle of youth gang involvement and association. One postcode is an inclusive brand and also wants to support those that are linked to gangs through geographical location.

We also support and offer entrepreneurship opportunities through our brand in partnership with Reformed Foundation our sister company. Profits from sales of our merchandise will go towards projects supporting victims of gang violence and programs supporting youth at risk of offending.


Beverley Clark (Governor, Safer Custody HMP Belmash)

Steve Branch (Safer Custody Officer HMP Belmarsh).

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