Reformed gives practical, emotional and financial support to the young people who need it the most. Our projects are carefully designed to boost the self-esteem, self-worth, creativity and self-preservation of vulnerable young people who impress us with their drive and determination to learn from their past mistakes and follow a different, positive path. We believe young people from criminal backgrounds fully deserve our support, opportunities, and a second chance. We help them develop key life skills, confidence and motivation, enabling young people to be supported as they move into work, education and/or training.


Crossroads Programme

This programme was written by ex-offenders. It is made up of a core programme that focuses on changing attitudes and behaviours, including perceptions. It is delivered by its authors in a hard hitting, no non sense style, which ex-offenders and those at risk of offending respond well to.

The Crossroads Programme tackles issues of personal development, low self-esteem and confidence. It encourages clients to look at work opportunities and living industrious and productive life styles. This programme is designed to give those at risk of offending a wakeup call whilst instilling a more moral sense of judgment.

As an introduction to our mentoring programmes, the Crossroads programme is designed to initiate positive focus by a cognitive behavioral therapeutic (CBT) approach. We hope to initiate feelings of responsibility by the clients, in the hope that we can support them to reduce and ideally stop their offending.

The Crossroads Programme is delivered at various organisations such as:

• Youth centres
• Prisons
• Social Clubs
• Youth Offending Groups
• Pop up Training Rooms

The course covers a myriad of subjects such as:

• Life Skills
• Stereotypes
• Changing Behaviour
• Victim Awareness
• Anger Management
• Substance Misuse / Alcohol Abuse
• Gang Involvement

Peer Mentoring

Reformed runs a diverse range of creative projects, that encourage young people to take responsibility for themselves and helping them build a life and choose, not the one they have been handed down.

We have seen first-hand and captured on film the life-transforming that travel and working in the third world countries can have on young people who are automatically turned down by volunteering organisations because of their criminal records, or because they can’t afford to pay any of their own expenses. Ironically these are the very people that benefit the most from such opportunities. Typically, they have nothing to lose – and everything to gain.

Reformed addresses questions of fairness and equality. Reformed is the brain child of a collective of pioneering social entrepreneurs, mentors, creative and business role models and philanthropists with a proven track record of initiating and managing a claimed projects, helping young people from criminal backgrounds transform their lives.

Mentoring as a Career

Peer mentoring is a form of mentorship that generally takes place between a person who has lived through a specific experience (Peer Mentor) and a person who is new to that experience or likely to be in the near future (the Peer Mentee).

An example would be an experienced student being a peer mentor to a new student, the peer mentee, in a particular subject, or in a new school. Peer mentors are also used for health and lifestyle changes. For example, clients, or patients, with support from peers, may have one-on-one sessions that meet regularly to help them recover or rehabilitate.

Our mentors are highly trained and experienced in supporting offenders with the issues that many of them face, and struggle with on a daily basis. Reformed Foundation have a diverse team that are empathic towards our clients.

We offer mentoring in 3 month intervals of one (1hr) sessions per week. One of the mentor's roles is to “sign-post” mentees to various supporting organisations which in turn provide education, housing, employment, apprenticeships and a myriad of other vital prerequisites an individual needs to build a positive life.

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